Hello lovely people! I’m Shanti Hoed.

I’m an 19 year old year old make up artist living in Jakarta, Indonesia. In 2011, I graduated from high school and in late 2011 I decided  take a short course on make up and I realized that I enjoyed it. I honestly didn’t think I would be good at it. So with all that talking and planning, I decide to make a blog, that way I get to connect with every other beauty addicts in this world.

I graduated from the Puspita Martha International Beauty School with a diploma for Bridal Make Up. After I graduated in March 2013, I felt like it was time for me to start my job as a professional make up artist. Currently I’ve been getting jobs as a freelance make up artist. My first appearance was in Jakarta Fashion Week in November 2012, working for an Indonesian designer called Barli Asmara. Since then, I have always been working as a make up artist in Indonesia Fashion Week and Jakarta Fashion Week 2013. So far, my biggest project was when I got to join other make up artists for Miss World 2013 which was held in Bali. I felt extremely lucky to be able to be a part of the team and work with the contestants.

I am currently studying more make up in at LaSalle College in Jakarta. I hope to perdure my goals as a professional make up artist by taking more steps and heading out to work with other people.

Throughout my high school years, I never saw myself standing in this position. Working with different people, all beautiful and special in their own way. High school wasn’t the best place for me, I was always different because the things that other were good at, I wasn’t.

I am thankful to GOD, my family and my friends for believing in me and supporting me during the hardest times.



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